Webmin/Virtualmin admin pages timing out

OS type and version Rocky Linux 9.3
Virtualmin version 7.9.0 Pro

I have a problem that’s only just happening now that I’m on an unreliable cellular connection on the fringe of connectivity. I do have internet access at a pretty good speed though (I have a Yagi roof antenna and 4G booster connected), but my connection still fluctuates, occasionally dropping out completely for a few moments. Most services continue to work fine (like I can still download gigs of macOS updates, for example, without trouble). But any service that isn’t willing to wait through momentary drops doesn’t work so well.

I’ve noticed that very frequently, when I’m making changes to my server (such as running updates) using the Webmin/Virtualmin interface, the little red bar at the top of the screen (indicating that things are happening in the background) keeps going, but the live feed resulting from whatever command was run (such as updating packages) stops updating. Eventually, hoping for the best, I click through to the Dashboard in Webmin/Virtualmin, first clicking the alert that comes up that things may not be complete. Whenever I make it back to the Dashboard, I see that things did indeed complete, even though the page hung and I was not updated of any further ongoing progress.

Is there some advanced setting I can change in Virtualmin/Webmin so that it is a little more lenient, as far as my web connection is concerned? Particularly when it’s a number of system updates (including the kernel), I worry when I don’t see all the results of the install commands, in case there are any warnings to review. Clicking through the admin interface’s alert that things are still running (and am I sure I want to leave the page) always makes me worry too. But this happens all the time now, with my connection.

Sounds like you are being overly anxious, :fearful: if after a page refresh, everything has actually worked on the remote server. The price you pay for being “on the fringe of connectivity” perhaps?

I know of no setting but this could be something to do with client side code (fetching data?)

i have seen something similar with my servers in China yet my local connection is fast. (perhaps opposite) internet speed is not the same everywhere on the world and even more so when you add in local connectivity/equipment.

The topic is about connection lost. I was giving advice to go through ssh to save bandwidth while updating the server.

So be it… I am done with this place

I cannot see how ssh can help what is a connectivity issue. This is not about the quantity of data transferred it is about the connection drop out/loss. The browser has to reconnect/fetch/refresh to the server. The server has completed its job and has signaled it has done with the connection. The browser has missed that signal so is either still waiting or has timed out.

Didn’t mean to cause issues here on the forum, I only come here when I can’t find information elsewhere, and when I feel I have an issue worth posting about.

I realize mine is an edge case, I just hoped there might be an advanced setting that might make Virtualmin/Webmin more forgiving of the odd drop-outs in my connection. I thought such a setting might be useful to folks with connections that are mostly sufficient, but not as reliable as typical broadband.

If there is no such setting, I’d love to know where the install logs are (forgive my ignorance of that, maybe I should know!), so that I can verify everything did install correctly without warnings.

These dropouts happen on other screens too (such as restarting services), but that’s not a big deal as I can check to be sure they’re running elsewhere.

Now that I think about it, perhaps there’s some advanced setting in Firefox that might help? I don’t encounter issues with other websites, for whatever it’s worth, so Virtualmin/Webmin seems particularly sensitive somehow.

The Package Updates window shows if anything fails. Since I might miss something I copy the contents to a TextEdit file and save by it’s date to my computer. That way I can look at any one more closely if needed.

That might not work in your case if the window disappears when a connection is broken.

I would also like to know where the logs are.

For Ubuntu 22.04 apt-get I just found them in var > log > apt > term.log

at the risk of me getting a lot of heat, you could see how things work and display and react using the old Framed Theme – but I don’t often do updates via Virtualmin (I’m a long time cmd line kind of admin) so really don’t know if changing themes will have a significant impact.