webmin-virtual-server 3.68 Debian package

I read the announcement of Virtualmin theme 6.9 and 3.68, but is not yet available in the package repositories for Debian.
Is it a bug or just need to wait a bit?
In my system these packages were updated:


But no expected webmin-virtual-server_3.68_all.deb
I see that does not exist in http://software.virtualmin.com/debian/dists/virtualmin-etch/main/binary-i386/

best regards,

I already yelled at Joe, he should hopefully be taking care of that soon :slight_smile:

If you don’t see anything for Debian (or Ubuntu) in the next 6 hours or so, feel free to file a bug, and be sure to assign it to Joe :slight_smile:

Someone pointed out a bug to me during rollout. So, I managed to skip the Debian repos. They’ll all get version 3.68-2 in a couple of hours.

ok, thanks for the info and work!