Webmin version 2.105 released

Changes since 2.104:

  • Fix param to read only headers sourceforge.net/usermin-bugs#501
  • Fix not to set reuse flag on initial Let’s Encrypt request
  • Fix to correctly escape mail file names upon deletion
  • Fix index field in cache file in BIND DNS module

Changes since 2.103:

  • Add support for numbered and bulleted lists in email HTML editor
  • Add ability to display active file locks in Webmin Configuration ⇾ File Locking page
  • Fix hostname detection on systemd systems to avoid excessive logging #2020
  • Fix Webmin version display #2023
  • Fix to check if UI library is loaded before using it #2021
  • Fix the absent init script for legacy systems after the initial installation
  • Update the Authentic theme to the latest version with various fixes and improvements

Changes since 2.102:

  • Add support for hostname detection using hostnamectl command
  • Add support for other ACME services
  • Add ability to hide dotfiles in File Manager #1578
  • Add xz, zstd and plain tar support when creating archives in File Manager #2009
  • Add support for English (United States) (military time) locale
  • Fix to copy allow-transfer directives up from global config in BIND module
  • Fix to correctly switch key hash type with ACME services
  • Fix bug when backend wasn’t saved correctly in Fail2Ban module #1992
  • Fix large files download in Upload and Download module
  • Fix Google Authentication on RHEL systems derivatives
  • Update the Authentic theme to the latest version with various fixes and improvements

Changes since 2.101:

  • Add support for Amazon Linux 2023
  • Fix a bug in Network Configuration module when parsing network size
  • Fix Netplan related bugs in Network Configuration module
  • Fix Terminal focus bug
  • Fix to correctly compare Webmin semantic versions
  • Fix to suppress output from monitor.pl command

As always, if you run into problems, make a new topic with the errors you see and how to reproduce the problem.


Does webmin 2.105 come with (include) Authentic theme 21.09.5 ?

Yes, it does as mentioned here:

Sir you said Webmin version 2.105 released, Do you mean its now also available in virtualmin Repo.


Any package I post a release notice for in the News category here is for Virtualmin users and is in the Virtualmin repos. Webmin releases in the Webmin repos are announced on the Webmin website and Github, and are never announced here. Sometimes I announce things that are only in some repos, e.g. OS-specific updates, in which case I will say so.

Virtualmin users only need to follow this category to know everything you need to know about the current versions for Virtualmin systems. If you see it here, it means it’s in Virtualmin repos and you should upgrade to it when it is convenient (unless it is a security release, in which case, you should upgrade as soon as possible…security updates are labeled as such, though I don’t call out minor XSS issues, etc. since those are often not actually exploitable in any reasonable fashion; most reported CVEs about Webmin are for things you’d need a root-level account to accomplish, who already has root, so…).

If you aren’t seeing the packages in Software Updates on your Virtualmin systems, that means either I made a mistake (entirely possible, there’s a lot of moving parts) or your system isn’t configured to get updates from a current Virtualmin repo (/vm/6 or /vm/7 repos are currently maintained).

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You cleared my many doubts. Thanks Joe :slight_smile:

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