Webmin version 1.892 for Ubuntu/Debian

Howdy all,

I’ve rolled out version 1.892 of Webmin for Ubuntu and Debian which (hopefully) addresses the remaining issues with netplan on Ubuntu 18.04.

This release just adds more/better support for netplan, so we think installs on Ubuntu 18.04 should be working now (fingers crossed).

As always, report bugs if you find them. The best place for Webmin bug reports is the Webmin github (https://github.com/webmin/webmin/issues) but if you don’t have a github account, here in our issue tracker works, too.



OK, I was wrong. We still have issues. Jamie’s working on it again.

Just curious if Virtualmin is stable for 18.04 yet? This post is kind of old, so it is unclear if things cleared up. Thanks!

There will be a new forum post when things are solid. Right now, we’re still in the same place. I’m rolling another Webmin update soon, but I’m not confident it fixes everything outstanding (Jamie had a personal situation that’s keeping him occupied for an extended period, so we’re running with an even smaller crew than usual).

So, same as it was last time I updated: Things work pretty well if you use the old network configuration system, won’t work well if using the new network system.

OK, thanks for the update!