Webmin version 1.720 and Usermin 1.620 released

Howdy all,

Jamie just released version 1.720 of Webmin and 1.620 of Usermin, and I’ve rolled them into all repositories.

Changes since Webmin 1.710:

  • SSL v2 and v3 are now disabled by default at Webmin install time, to block the POODLE attack. They can be re-enabled on the SSL Encryption page of the Webmin Configuration module.
  • Added a new status monitor type for alerting on the SSD wear level.
  • Added an API function that theme authors can use to request left-menu items desired by Virtualmin and Cloudmin (or other modules).

Changes since Usermin 1.610:

  • Additional protection against the Shellshock bug.
  • When closing the window or tab containing an email message in progress, a popup now first asks for confirmation.
  • German and Catalan translation updates.

These are predominantly bugfix updates. The biggest change in Webmin is the function to allow themes to request menus from Webmin (which modules can provide). This doesn’t actually do anything yet, as Virtualmin and Cloudmin have not yet been released with the new code, but it will make it easier for theme authors to provide a nice Virtualmin and Cloudmin experience (right now, the left-hand menu is generated almost entirely in the theme, and themes that don’t provide that code won’t have the menus).

As always, let us know if you run into any problems.

Hi Joe,

I cant see the updates, when refreshing the packages it says, Running latest 1.600-1 and Running latest 1.710-1.

CentOS 5.11 and Virtualmin Pro

Best regards,