Webmin version 1.610 and Usermin version 1.530 released

Howdy all,

Webmin version 1.610 and Usermin 1.530 rolled out a while ago, and I forgot to post a changelog. Oops. Sorry about that.

Changes since Webmin 1.600:

  • A new module for iSCSI Target configuration, and fixes to the iSCSI client and server modules.
  • Even more German translation updates, thanks to Raymond Vetter.
  • Catalan updates, thanks to Jaume Badiella.
  • Changed all links to DNS zones to use the zone name instead of an index, to prevent incorrect modification during concurrent access to the module.
  • Added support for the new ifconfig -a output format, as seen on Fedora 17.

Changes since Usermin 1.520:

  • Minor translation updates.

The Webmin update is a major one, at least for some users. iSCSI support provides tools particularly useful to Cloudmin users who wish to deploy more complex storage solutions. Otherwise, these are minor updates.

As always, let us know if you run into any problems.