webmin users can't log in

i have installl virtualmin 3.82 gpl

webmin 1.530; usermin 1.460

no user log in

for miniserver.log - - [09/Jan/2011:15:03:54 +0200] “POST /session_login.cgi HTTP/1.1” 401 2464

I can only login as admin


Make sure that in Edit Virtual Server -> Features Enabled, that the “Webmin login enabled” feature is checked. Without that, the users wouldn’t be able to login via the Webmin interface.


square that is checked on all virtual server
and still does not log any user

There’s also a related access right for vserver owners that you can configure in Administration Options -> Edit Owner Limits.

If that is set, make sure a Webmin login was created for the vserver owner, you can check that in Webmin’s “Webmin Users” page.

I have dynamic ip on this server

see pictures here virtualmin settings


I think it would be well set to go
I do not know where it would be the problem

in your 2nd picture: “webmin login” is not checked. Users can not log in.

Yep, what ronald said, and exactly what I tried to tell too. :slight_smile: You don’t have the right “Webmin login” enabled in the server owner’s limits.

Also, you should not manually edit the Webmin user that Virtualmin creates, except you have a very good reason for that.

I checked see picture

still can not login

not edit user manual… on “webmin users”

As what user are you trying to log in? What happens then exactly? Anything in the Webmin logs? You can turn on Webmin Debug logging in its configuration.