webmin/usermin updates not showing up in virtualmin repo

is there a problem with the new webmin/usermin packages that is keeping them from going into the repo? or just a lack of resources problem?

webmin 1.760 and usermin 1.670 do not show up in the virtualmin repositories (yum or apt), but are in the regular webmin repository. webmin was released 6/22 and usermin looks to be the same date (but no news blurb on the main web site).

since all the *min packages come from one company, i assume that things will all update around the same time. since that hasn’t happened, should we assume there is a problem? is there some place to look to find out what might be going on?

i’m surprised that there haven’t been any replies to this from virtualmin or any other community members.

i think the last time webmin/usermin weren’t pushed into the virtualmin repos, there was some regression issue that had to be fixed first. but this time it seems like a much longer time since release and also there is no feedback i have found indicating why there might be a problem.

It’s just a mistake – Joe is looking into what’s preventing it from showing up in certain repositories, that should be corrected soon.


what would be a better way to raise this issue if i see it again? i’m using the gpl version, so i try to be patient, but after more than a week with no responses at all, i start to get nervous about security issues, etc.

Posting a response to Joe’s announcement is perfect, such as the one here:


We do know about the issue, and Joe is working on it. Sorry for the delay.

If there are any security issues corrected by a release, though would be mentioned in the Changelog Joe posted… it doesn’t look like there were any this time around.

However, in a pinch, you could always grab a .rpm or .deb from Webmin.com, which is the same as the ones posted here.

But Joe will have that up soon :slight_smile:


usermin 1.670 still hasn’t shown up in the virtualmin repos.