Webmin User to Only Allow Virtualmin Domain User Creation

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version 1.999
Virtualmin version 7.1.1 Pro

How can I create a Webmin user that can only have privilege to create different virtualmin domain users?

For example, if I create a user xyz123 and if I want xyz123 to be able to create specific domain users only and can not do anything else. I think there is some virtualmin command to create domain users if I am not wrong. So in that case how can I create webmin user that can just run that command to create virtualmin users for specific domain at a time? Like xyz123 creating user1 for domain1.com and user1 for domain2.com and user50 for domain 3.com etc… (just examples, I mean any user name and for any of the virtualmin domain from the server).

Appreciate comments.

I mean user can only run the virtualmin create-user command for any of the existing domains and no other commands the user can run?

create-user – Virtualmin

That is not possible, only sudo and wheelers can create account I think. To run that command you have to be root

Thanks for the comment. Appreciate the same.

Actually that is fine too. Sudoer or root access to that user is fine. But for that user specifically if only virtualmin create-user command is allowed and nothing else. Can’t that be done?

I was hopeful that there is some way to just tick some checkbox to give webmin user access to create virtualmin domain user accounts. And with rest of the ticks not selected the user can just have access to create virtualmin domain user accounts. Not the case?