Webmin updates via virtualmin repo

The latest version of Webmin, 1.67 as of this post, has some fixes for FTP to IPv6 only servers that I’d like to take advantage of. Yum doesn’t show any updates available to Webmin. I listed installed packages and found that the Webmin package is provided by the “virtualmin-universal” repo.

  1. Is it standard practice to hold back Webmin updates on the virtualmin repo?

2, I’m reluctant to install the latest version of Webmin from another source in fear it may break Virtualmin. Is it safe to upgrade Webmin manually or should I wait until the virtualmin repo has the latest version?



Yeah, it can take a few days before the latest Webmin version appears in the Virtualmin repo, but it will be there soon.

It’s safe to use the RPM or DEB here to upgrade Webmin in the meantime: