Webmin to Virtualmin with dirty Ubuntu 12

Hello everyone,

I am planning an upgrade for an ubuntu 12 x64 box running within my network and was curious to know if anyone has came across issues while upgrading Webmin to Virtualmin. Specifically with the system mentioned below or something at least similar. I know that fresh installs are recommended by the Virtualmin team but I also realize that virtualmin is a module to webmin and I suppose runs “on-top”. I would really like to sneak by upgrading to Virtualmin without having to do any sort of fresh install on this box as it contains configuration for apache2, proftpd, unrealircd, and a ejabber server.

Operating system - Debian Linux 7.0
Webmin version - 1.590
Time on system - Tue Sep 11 07:49:26 2012 (syncing with ntp)
Kernel and CPU - Linux 3.5.0-6-powerpc64-smp on ppc64

Sorry if this has been posted already, I’ve done countless Google searches on this and haven’t gotten the warm fuzzy feeling that I’ll actually succeed with this upgrade.

Any help or commentary is greatly appreciated.

Faithful user,


Well, I do suspect you’ll run into some issues, unfortunately.

Manual installs (ie, installs not using the install.sh script) require a lot more time and expertise to setup.

But you’re also using an unusual architecture, and a Debian version that hasn’t actually been officially released yet :slight_smile:

You can use these docs here to assist you though:


If/when you run into issues, feel free to ask about them in here, and we’ll do our best to assist :slight_smile: