Webmin not saving edits to Network Interfaces

OS type and version RHEL 8.7
Webmin version 2.010

Editing a network interface, eg changing the netmask fails to Save with no error message, but using Save and Apply gets this:

Failed to activate interface :

sh: ifup: command not found


Webmin not yet support NetworkManager for managing networks. @Jamie mentioned that he is working on it in this ticket.

Meanwhile, you may want to install NetworkManager-initscripts-updown package to work-around this problem.

I’d recommend just not using Webmin for managing networks managed by NetworkManager. It’s a very particular sort of tool; I wouldn’t want to confuse it. Just use the NetworkManager tools to manage your NetworkManager network (unless and until Webmin gets NetworkManager support).

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Network Manager support has been implemented in Webmin 2.100!