Webmin mailman module[SOLVED-no longer available]

New install of Debian Bullseye and Virtualmin so everything should be pretty much up to date. Mailman was apt-get from the official Debian repo.

Even refreshing the modules list wouldn’t show the mailman module so I downloaded it like this.
root@test:/var/webmin# wget https://software.virtualmin.com/vm/7/gpl/wbm/virtualmin-mailman-6.10.wbm.gz

When opening the module I get this error:
The mailman program /usr/lib/mailman/mail/mailman was not found on your system.

So I went looking and came up with this:
root@test:/usr/lib/mailman3/bin# pwd
root@test:/usr/lib/mailman3/bin# ls
mailman master runner

I can only conclude it will never find what it is looking for. I’ve never screwed with these modules. Can I point it in the right direction? Some other advice? RTFM?

The Mailman module does not support Mailman 3. I believe there have been significant enough changes that it would need a significant overhaul of the module.

Since almost no one uses mailing lists anymore (to my chagrin), it’s unlikely to get the attention it’d need from us. I probably ought to just remove it from the repos, but I think Mailman 2 is still maintained, so it remains an option if you want to use Mailman and the Virtualmin module.

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I was just reading that Mailman now uses Django and HyperKitty and that framework is supposed to give it a better admin interface so that might be the way to go then.


Yeah, the features look great, there just isn’t demand for it from Virtualmin customers, so we can’t devote the (not insignificant resources to it, especially since the new features of Mailman 3 include a much improved management GUI).

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