Webmin LDAP client by using SSSD deamon instead of old ldap client on CentOS/RHEL


I have closely folowed the guidelines for configuring webmin/virtualmin LDAP client at: http://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/id,combining_virtualmin_and_ldap - but this one describes configuring webmin ldap client to use “ldap” inside nssswitch.conf file - lately Red Hat has implemented SSSD daemon instead of openldap-clients package, so the “ldap” directive is never inserted in nssswitch.conf, but “sss” is present - webmin doesn’t recognise these and ldap client seem’s to not be working completely, although I can browse ldap tree from “LDAP client” section on Webmin. I can’t see any users on “LDAP users and groups”

My goal is to create “webmin” user, that will be creted in LDAP, so I can use that user to login to another webmin server…

Any info on if/when is this going to be possible ?