Webmin install in LightSail

OS type and version Almalinux 9.3
Webmin version 2.1111

Installing Webmin in LightSail with the information in Downloading and Installing | Webmin was seamless. Now the URL https://IP:10000 asks for the username and password. The user must have been installed as root, but what is the password? I imagine this installation is GPL and since I have the PRO version, I will include the credentials after access. Virtualmin is already installed as a Webmin module or I will have to install it separately. Are there any special recommendations?

You can change the root password at the command line. Or add a user with permissions.

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Don’t follow the installation instructions for Webmin, if you want Virtualmin. Install Virtualmin following the installation instructions for Virtualmin: Downloading and Installing | Virtualmin — Open Source Web Hosting Control Panel

Only you know your root password, we have no way to know it. You can set one on the command line using the passwd command, if one isn’t already set. Or you can use any sudo user with ALL privileges, and that user will be treated as root by Webmin.

who knows ? either you or your provider has set that, the install script does not ask you to or change the password for the root user on your behalf. So you just need to remember what the password is

I think you end up with ‘keys’ by default. ssh is open by default. There is also KVM access of sorts.

does this not depend on how the provider sets things up ?

I will uninstall webmin and install Virtualmin as per your guidance.

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The installation of Virtualmin went perfectly, only the activation of the quotas will need a reboot.
Root access is now perfect. Thank you all.

You were not asked for a password at any stage of the installation. The root user already existed, now I entered the password using passwd.

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