Webmin for external server

hi guys,

wanna ask you something

i’ve 2 kind of server
same spec for both
linux centos 6.4

i have one server (called server A . IP: for hosting and the other server (Called server B . IP: for email
and i’m using dnsmadeeasy.com for our dns

the question is, why i cant do an external mail on webmin??
have anyone try it??

for Server A, i create
hosting for mytest.com
on dns record : point mail and mx to
and on edit virtual server > enabled feature > Mail for domain enabled? . i’ve uncheck it
so there is no error : errors were found in this domain’s DNS records : This domain has email enabled, but none of the MX records…

for server B, i create
mytest.com, only email
i create user : test@mytest.com
i create forwarder to test@gmail.com (external email, like yaho or google)

when i test it via web (contact us)
i got for my forwarder, i got the email for the email that i use for test
but not for the test@mytest.com

anyone can help me for this??

thank you


It sounds like you’re pretty close, though I’m not sure I follow the issue you’re having exactly.

However, what you may want to do is review the email logs, which can show you what’s going on with your email. You can find those in /var/log/maillog.



The “Relay access denied” error that you’re receiving suggests that the email is arriving at a server that doesn’t think it should be the final destination of your email.

That could be a sign that the DNS for the “To” address points to the wrong location.

It’s a bit hard to follow all the information in your post there, but I don’t believe I see an email arriving from Gmail in there.

You could always try going to a site such as intodns.com, and review the DNS report it provides to make sure it all appears correct.

If you’re still stuck after trying all that, it might be helpful to know your actual domain name. We could do some better troubleshooting at that point… you can always edit your post after you get things resolved to remove your domain name from it.