Webmin doesn't run with browser

When I try acces by browser (googlew Chrome)

Webmin return
“This site could not be accessed”


Is there a solution to this?

OS type and version Centos Linux 7.9.2009
Webmin version 2001

It means you won’t get much support for a dead OS? Especially since you didn’t provide much detail. Is this a new problem? Did you just install Webmin?

Upgrade to a supported OS? Not trying to be an axe hole here but few want to put effort into solving a problem on a dead OS. Lots of other work to do.

CentOS Linux 7 will reach end of life (EOL) on June 30, 2024. This article will cover what that means, how you can prepare, and how Red Hat can help ease your migration.

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It is a problem when I try to access from my chrome browser from a Linux operating system.

When I try to access from my chrome browser on windows it works fine.

No, it is not a new webmin installation.

I have to upgrade my operating system to a linux soul. But if it works with one browser and one operating system and not with another … I don’t think it’s something with the server’s operating system.

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I use 4 or 5 browsers. All with different settings. If one doesn’t work, I try another. Strange that Chrome works on one and not the other though. For me, on Debian, Chrome is not provided. I have to add the the repositories directly from Google.

CentOS Linux 7 = EOL = No support

It is very strange that with my Ubuntu browsers I can’t log in to a webmin and for example in another webmin I have version 2111 and it works.

I have looked at a very old server that I have with webmin 1.991 and I can not access from chrome from ubuntu.

It is definitely the version of webmin that breaks something in the browser.

More likely to be the theme try switching to the framed theme and trying again