Webmin & Centos-8 installation boot

hello -

when installing on C8 i notice the following statement from the setup.sh script:

Webmin does not support being started at boot time on your system.

i went to google-cloud, created a new C8 instance and ran the following commands:

wget   https://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/webadmin/webmin-1.941.tar.gz ;
gzip -d  ./webmin*  &&   tar -xvf  ./webmin*  &&  cd  ./webmin-1.941 ;
chmod 600   ./setup.sh  ;
./setup.sh ;

other than that one line, everything seemed to go fine.

would starting webmin just be a simple matter of manually entering:

systemctl enable webmin; ??

thank you.

That actually should work. I think the error message is incorrect, right @Jamie?

I would recommend installing Webmin using official repo, unless you are sure and know what you’re doing, in installing it manually.

hello llia - i did not think this was a manual install? i am using the repo from this download page and following the instructions from this page.

i did see that this can be installed via yum, perhaps i will give that a try too.

centos/redhat 8 is still a bit experimental i certainly understand.