Webmin -> Bind issue


I don’t know this problem is for this topic (mayby virtualmin)…
I’ m running Virtualmin on centos 6.5 with cluster DNS server with Webmin on centos 6.5 too.
All zones transfer correctly when creating (I don’t know timing to update the slave when zone exist), but the slave DNS server isn’t respond on queries…

Could You tell me where too start look it. Port 53 (TCP & UDP) is opened on slave DNS…

Thanks for suggestions…

The nameserver at does reply, but is refusing the query for “ahre.pl”. This is usually the case when the zone was not transferred correctly.

You might want to check if the zone is active and correct on the slave. I can also offer to do a screen sharing / instant messenger session if that helps resolve things more quickly.


There doesn’t appear to be an A record for either “ns1” or “ns2”…

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Right, that error (the one Peter mentioned) is new. When I tested it a while ago, only the nameserver I mentioned then did not reply. Now, both of them don’t reply and the NS records are missing.