webmin and virtualmin upgrade broke my mail server

I upgraded my server software, webmin and virtualmin and now none of my virtual server domains are configured to use email.
Redhat 5 enterprise

I can send and recieve email to any of my hosted sites both through telnet and the Read User Email panel in Webmin but can not recieve or send email from anywhere outside the server.

When I use the Virtualmin Validate Virtual Servers function every virtual server says "Mail for domain : The mail server is not configured to receive email for sitename.com"

Is this a bug in the new release?
Please help me fix it.

Thank you

Hrm, yeah, that’s pretty awful, I’m not what what might cause that :slight_smile:

I’d recommend filing a bug, as that sounds “bug-like”, as Joe would say.

In your bug, be sure to include any error messages that show up in the mail log in /var/log.

Also include what distro you have, what version of Virtualmin you were upgrading from, and whether you’re using the Pro or GPL version of Virtualmin.