Webmin and Virtualmin running together?

I have been reading around and I am unable to find if I can run Webmin and Virtualmin all together. I own my own personal servers and love the Webmin panel, but I also have some sites that need to be hosted that I own. Is it possible to have both of them installed and access them each different or does the root log in for Virtualmin also function as Webmin? Sorry if I am not seeing the answer on the website. I am running Cent OS 6.3 (Final). I also already have Webmin installed and it was done on a fresh install. So if I can run both together, do I need to do a other fresh install of Cent OS and then install Webmin and Virtualmin at that time or is there a other way to do it.

Thank You,

Dear Mike,

I am also new to webmin, but if i am not mistaken, when you install virtualmin. after access to virtualmin page, you will see webmin at top left of the manu. You can access webmin there.

Hope this can answer your question.



Yea, I noticed that after I made this post. Thank you for the response.