Webmin and virtualmin deny virtualmin-mailman is installed yet its blocking domain deletion

System hostname [debian.members.linode.com] Operating system Debian Linux 10
Webmin version 1.973 Usermin version 1.823
Virtualmin version 6.16 Pro Authentic theme version 19.73
Time on system Monday, July 26, 2021 3:08 PM Kernel and CPU Linux 5.12.2-x86_64-linode144 on x86_64
Processor information AMD EPYC 7542 32-Core Processor, 4 cores System uptime 34 days, 23 hours, 43 minutes

Delete Virtual Servers

Deleting server judgecthulhu.com

Deleting mail aliases …

Failed to delete virtual servers : Failed to regenerate table /var/lib/mailman/data/virtual-mailman: postmap: fatal: open /var/lib/mailman/data/virtual-mailman: No such file or directory

| — | — | — |
|(eval 121)|6|(eval)|

root@debian:/home# locate mailman|grep webmin

Existing modules and clones of modules can be deleted, they will also be removed. Once a module has been deleted it must be reinstalled before you can use it again. A module cannot be deleted if other modules depend on it.
Delete Modules
ADSL ClientAWstats Reporting (v. 5.11)Apache WebserverBIND DNS ServerBackup Configuration FilesBacula Backup SystemBandwidth MonitoringBootup and ShutdownChange Language and ThemeChange PasswordsCluster Change PasswordsCluster Copy FilesCluster Cron JobsCluster Shell CommandsCluster Software PackagesCluster Usermin ServersCluster Users and GroupsCluster Webmin ServersCommand ShellCustom CommandsDHCP ServerDisk QuotasDisk and Network FilesystemsDovecot IMAP/POP3 ServerExim MailserverFail2Ban Intrusion DetectorFetchmail Mail RetrievalFile ManagerFilesystem BackupFilter and Forward MailFirewallDGRUB Boot LoaderHTTP TunnelHeartbeat MonitorIPsec VPN ConfigurationJabber IM ServerJailkit Jail Manager (v. 0.1)Kerberos5LDAP ClientLDAP ServerLDAP Users and GroupsLinux FirewallLinux IPv6 FirewallLinux RAIDLog File RotationLogical Volume ManagementMIME Type ProgramsMON Service MonitorMySQL Database ServerNFS ExportsNIS Client and ServerNetwork ConfigurationNetwork ServicesNetwork Services and ProtocolsOpenSLP ServerOpenVPN + CA (v. 1.250)PAM AuthenticationPHP ConfigurationPHP Pear Modules (v. 1.5)PPP Dialin ServerPPP Dialup ClientPPTP VPN ClientPPTP VPN ServerPartitions on Local DisksPerl ModulesPostfix Mail ServerPostgreSQL Database ServerPrinter AdministrationProFTPD ServerProcmail Mail FilterProtected Web DirectoriesQMail Mail ServerRead User MailRuby GEMS (v. 1.9)Running ProcessesSMART Drive StatusSSH LoginSSH ServerSSL TunnelsSamba Windows File SharingScheduled CommandsScheduled Cron JobsScheduled Webmin FunctionsSendmail Mail ServerShorewall FirewallShorewall6 FirewallSoftware Package UpdatesSoftware PackagesSpamAssassin Mail FilterSquid Proxy ServerSquid Report GeneratorSystem DocumentationSystem LogsSystem Logs NGSystem StatusSystem TimeSystem and Server StatusTCP WrappersText LoginUpload and DownloadUsermin ConfigurationUsers and GroupsVirtualmin Bootup Actions (v. 2.10)Virtualmin DAV (v. 3.13)Virtualmin Domain Registration (v. 2.10)Virtualmin Git Repositories (v. 1.14)Virtualmin Password Recovery (v. 1.12)Virtualmin Protected Directories (v. 2.11)Virtualmin SQLlite Databases (v. 1.8)Virtualmin Slave DNS (v. 1.13)Virtualmin Virtual Servers (v. 6.16.pro)Voicemail ServerWU-FTP ServerWebalizer Logfile AnalysisWebmin Actions LogWebmin Servers IndexWebmin UsersiSCSI ClientiSCSI ServeriSCSI TGTdiSCSI Targetidmapd daemon

Features and Plugins
This page allows you to select the core features and plugins that are available for use by virtual servers. The checkbox in the first column determines if it is available at all, while the box in the Default column controls whether or not it is enabled by default.

Feature or Plugin Source Version Domains Default? Actions
Administration user Core 6.16 Pro 12
Home directory Core 6.16 Pro 13
BIND DNS domain Core 6.16 Pro 13
Slave DNS domain Plugin 1.13 0
Apache website Core 6.16 Pro 13
Apache SSL website Core 6.16 Pro 12
MariaDB database Core 6.16 Pro 13
PostgreSQL database Core 6.16 Pro 0
SQLite Databases Plugin 1.8 0
Mail for domain Core 6.16 Pro 13
Spam filtering Core 6.16 Pro 13
Virus filtering Core 6.16 Pro 13
Log file rotation Core 6.16 Pro 13
Status monitoring Core 6.16 Pro 13
Webalizer reporting Core 6.16 Pro 13
Webmin login Core 6.16 Pro 12
AWstats reporting Plugin 5.11 13
Bootup actions Plugin 2.10 0
DAV Login Plugin 3.13 13
DNS Domain Registration Plugin 2.10 0
Git repositories Plugin 1.14 0
Protected web directories Plugin 2.11 -
ProFTPD virtual FTP Core 6.16 Pro 0

I just went through the system as root and started deleting things until I could delete the domains.

One thing that seemed to help was creating the missing directory:


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