Webmin and mysql db scheduled backup time difference

Operating system Redhat Enterprise Linux 8
OS version: Webmin version1.962Virtualmin version|6.14|
hi, I have 3 new server all the OS and webmin version are the same.
every server I setup three backup at midnight:

  1. webmin scheduled backup on 00:10
  2. mysql db scheduled backup on 00:20
  3. virtualmin Scheduled Backup on 02:00

I checked the backup status:

  1. webmin scheduled backup always runs on 13:10
  2. mysql db scheduled backup always runs on 13:20
  3. virtualmin Scheduled Backup runs on 02:00

I cann’t find related discussion regarding this problem. and I post here to find a soluiton.

Could you post screenshots please, maybe there is something in your settings that we can spot which will explain why this is happening.

hi, sir. thanks to your reply.
I have resolved this problem. here is my practice

  1. shut down server and check the BIOS time, it was time difference with 8 hours. (BIOS time is 13:mm:ss , but system (RHEL) time is 21:mm:ss now, and it’s correct at my location.). I do not change the BIOS time, exit BIOS setup and reboot.
  2. in Webmin/Hardware/System Time/Time server sync. checked the “Set hardware time too”, and the problem resolved. but when I reboot the server and enter the BIOS again. the BIOS time is still 13:mm:ss not 21:mm:ss.

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