Webmin 1.953 released

Howdy all,

Webmin 1.953 has been released to Virtualmin repos (

Changes since 19.42:

  • Added optional automatically generated translations for all languages, and switched all encodings to UTF-8.
  • Updated the Authentic theme to the latest version.
  • Added support for Postfix SNI certificate maps.
  • Added Chrony support in the System Time module.
  • Added caching for LDAP and MySQL connections for Webmin users.
  • Removed several noisy messages from the error log.
  • Many many other small bugfixes and features.

As always, let us know about problems. There will be updates of almost all modules to accommodate the language changes, so if you see a translation/encoding issue in extra modules, you’ll want to upgrade the affected modules. Those are rolling as fast I can get them into the repo.



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