Hi, the webmin 1.940 minimal whent it will be available to download? I don’t want to install the all modules just specific for the server, and now for 1.930 minimal which the latest I cannot install any modules. Please upload the minimal webmin package for 1.940.

Hi guys, please upload to sorceforge the latest webmin-1.940-minimal package, I cannot install any modules to 1.930 version.

Hi guys, please help me, I really blocked I cannot install any modules to webmin 1.930, and the latest 1.940 not have minimal version. The all modules are 1.940 dependecies. On development section the latest minimal version is 1.932.
Please guys, help me I really blocked, but I don’t want to install the fully version with lot of unnecesarry modules.

1.940 isn’t out yet. Sorry. We’re getting close to pushing it out.

It’s probably a mistake if the modules won’t install in older versions…I’ll ping Jamie about it. (But, maybe there’s something special in 1.940 that requires strict dependence on the new version.)

Hi, I appreciate because the all modules it have 1.940 dependecies to install it, and now I’m blocked. It would be very great if just in that case publish the new modules (with dependencies) if the new version is official published. And the main problem on sourceforge the for 1.940 verision it is not available the minimal tar/gz package.