Webmin 1.590 and Usermin 1.510 released

Howdy all,

I’ve finally finished rolling out Webmin 1.590 and Usermin 1.510 to all repos (there was an issue with our Debian/Ubuntu build environment which took me a while to resolve, though those platforms had the devel version, anyway, which included pretty much everything in this new release).

Changes in Webmin since 1.580:

  • Added the Shorewall6 Firewall module, a fork of the existing Shorewall module but for IPv6, contributed by Wouter van Bommel.
  • Many more German translation updates, thanks to Raymond Vetter.
  • More Dutch updates, thanks to Gandyman.
  • Catalan updates, thanks to Jaume Badiella.
  • Norwegian updates, thanks to Stein-Aksel Basma.
  • Apache virtual hosts owned by Virtualmin can no longer have their address, port, name or document directory changed.
  • The source IP and port for BIND zone transfers can now be specific on the Addresses and Topology page.
  • Added support for zone signing in the BIND module using the DNSSEC-Tools suite, thanks to a patch from Suresh Krishnaswamy.
  • Allowed the MTU to be set at boot time on Debian Linux, and fixed bugs editing VLANs, thanks to a patch to the Network Configuration module from Caspar Smit.
  • In the Disk and Network Filesystems module, updated the UI for Linux and most other operating systems to use Webmin’s new UI functions.
  • Added an option to have the time synced when Webmin starts at system boot.
  • An SSL CSR can now be generated in the Webmin Configuration module, and the Webmin cert copied to Usermin.
  • Added a Unix user password restriction for the minimum number of days before a password can be changed, and a human-readable description for the valid password regular expression.

Changes since Usermin 1.500:

  • Added support for Ubuntu 12.04.
  • The list of allowed directories for users in the File Manager, Protected Web Directories and Upload and Download modules can now include variables like $USER and $GROUP.

As always, if you run into any bugs, let us know in the issue tracker.