Webmin 1.520

Howdy all,

I’ve just rolled out Webmin version 1.520 for all repos.

Changes since 1.510:

  • Dutch translation updates from Gandyman, Polish from Dariusz Dabowski, and Russian from Marat Shavlukov.
  • Moved the time synchronization and background status collection cron jobs into Webmin’s own cron service, which uses less RAM.
  • Better support for multi-value and quoted options in the DHCP Server module.
  • Support for physdev rule conditions in the Linux Firewall module, and better handling of different comment types.
  • Online resizing of filesystems in the LVM module, thanks to Caspar Smit. Also better detection of filesystem types from /etc/fstab, and a way to increase the size of an LVM physical volume.
  • X509 authentication support for users in the MySQL module.
  • The autoreponder script in the Sendmail, Postfix and Qmail modules now uses SpamAssassin to block replies to spam, if installed.
  • Easier selection of PCI-compliant cyphers for use by Webmin in the Webmin Configuration module.
    Many more fixes and new features.

A new Usermin is also incoming, as is the new Virtualmin git module. I should have those out by tonight.

As always, if you run into any problems, let us know in the ticket tracker.