Webmin 1.480 and Usermin 1.410

Howdy all,

I’ve just rolled Webmin version 1.480 and Usermin 1.410 into the repos.

Despite the short changelog, these are pretty major updates, including a huge overhaul of the search system. Documentation pages in search results are now dramatically more useful, as you can find the exact location within Webmin to which the help file relates (perhaps you’re wondering why this wasn’t already the case…well, it was really hard to do…Jamie wrote tons of code to support this capability). A really pleasant side effect of this is that we get an almost free online reference guide for the website out of it…It’s my turn to write a bunch of code to make use of these new capabilities, but we’ll shortly have a lot of new documentation pulled straight out of Webmin (including a number of translations, even).

Webmin changes since 1.470:

  • Translation updates for Catalan (thanks to Jaume Badiella), Russian, French (by ButterflyOfFire) and Dutch (thanks to Gandyman).
  • Major improvements in Webmin’s search function, including links to the page where the matching text or help was found.
  • The LDAP Server module now supports the new LDIF-format configuration files, as seen on Ubuntu 8.10.
  • Support for FreeBSD and OSX in the SMART drive status module.
  • On Solaris, the Software Packages module now uses the new CSW command for installing packages, and can show package versions.
  • BIND module improvements, including SPF redirect and explanation modifiers, mass record buttons in domain search results, and named.conf parsing fixes.
  • DHCP lease grouping by subnet, improvements in lease utilization counts, an option to add new objects to a separate file, and custom option parsing fixes.
  • Many more fixes and new features.

Usermin changes since 1.400:

  • Mail filters that deliver to mbox-format folders now use Procmail locking.
  • Creating of filters that match headers is much easier and less error-prone, thanks to a menu for selecting prefix or postfix matching.
  • When reading and replying to email, the original character set is now properly used and respected.
  • The original sender’s email address is now included in the ‘wrote’ line when replying to or forwarding a message.
  • Added an SMTP port option to the module configuration in the Read Mail module.
  • When replying to a message, if the original to address is in your list of allowed addresses or marked as a from address in your addressbook, it will be used as the default sender in the response.
  • Improved the Usermin search function to use a more consistent layout and include links to the pages matching text was found in.

These updates should be appearing in your Virtualmin packages updates list by now, or you can also update from the command line using yum or apt-get.

As always, if you run into any problems, let us know about it in the ticket tracker.

Update on this release:

A number of folks have reported troubles from yum. This was tracked down to incomplete metadata (for some reason my update script that runs on my development machine to trigger createrepo on the server hung before finishing). It was fixed within a few minutes, but yum meta-data is cached by yum, and so if yum checked the repos during that half an hour or so while the meta data was broken, you will get errors.

The solution (as it so often is, with yum problems) is to remove the meta-data and try again:

yum clean all yum update webmin usermin

yes, thanks. Worked fine.