Webmin 1.420 and Usermin 1.350

Howdy all,

I’ve rolled out new versions of Webmin and Usermin to the Virtualmin repositories for all platforms.

Changes since Webmin 1.410:

[li]Support for the odd Apache config file format under Ubuntu 8.04, and other fixes for that distribution.[/li]
[li]Clashes between hosts with the same MAC address, IP address or hostname are now detected in the DHCPd module.[/li]
[li]Dovecot locking methods, index and control files can now be configured.[/li]
[li]Moved Postfix SMTP client restrictions to a new page, and re-wrote the UI to follow Webmin standards.[/li]
[li]Updated the Postfix BCC Mappings page to support both sender and recipient maps.[/li]
[li]Per-user auto-whitelists can be viewed and cleared in the SpamAssassin module.[/li]
[li]Email notifications can be send when uploads or downloads complete in the Upload and Download module.[/li]
[li]Added a debugging log file, which records all files read and written, commands run and more. This can be enabled in the Webmin Configuration module.[/li]
[li]Many Korean updates, thanks to JoungKyun Kim.[/li]
[li]More Dutch updates, thanks to Gandyman.[/li]
[li]View the detailed change log at http://www.webmin.com/changes-1.420.html.[/li]

Changes since Usermin 1.340:

[li]Make the Custom Commands UI consistent with Webmin, support SQL custom commands, and display the upload progress window.[/li]
[li]Added Fetchmail global configuration options to control if users can setup scheduled checking or start the fetchmail daemon.[/li]
[li]Fixed a bug that broke the file manager when referrer checking is enabled.[/li]
[li]Messages flagged as deleted in a Maildir folder (typically by an IMAP server) are now skipped by default.[/li]
[li]Better syncing between IMAP flags and Maildir filenames.[/li]
[li]Added a button in the popup address chooser to select a single address.[/li]
[li]Sped up the display of new messages in large mailboxes, by checking for attachments all at once.[/li]
[li]Always set Content-Disposition: Attachment when saving attachments, to force the save dialog.[/li]
[li]Messages that have been replied to are now tracked and flagged by a small icon in the mail list. When using Maildir folders, the mesage files are also updated to synchronize with IMAP clients.[/li]
[li]Added a page for viewing and removing entries from the user's auto-whitelist file.[/li]
[li]Added fields for sending an email notification when a background download or file upload completes.[/li]