Webmail Question in Virtualmin


I have a centos 5.8 VPS where i installed Webmin. There are 20 website running on VPS as a VirtualHost. i already instal Postfix, Dovecot and SquirrelMail.

I Install postfix and dovecot just for Mailing. SquirrelMail just for Webmail interface. but i don’t know how can i make individual IDs for any domain name.

If i install Virtualmin, so could virtualmin allow me to make IDs for all my domains name like “test@domain1.com and “test@domain2.com”” ?

and can i see in demo that where i can create IDs for any domain separately ?

Please note that, all my website is in /home directory like /home/domain1.com/public_html



If you were using Virtualmin on your server, it would indeed be straight forward to add email users.

You can do that by going into “Edit Users” after logging into Virtualmin.

The problem is, it’s not simple to install Virtualmin on a server that’s already live.

the process of installing Virtualmin will likely cause breakage and otherwise do things that you don’t want :slight_smile:

I would recommend using the automated Virtualmin installer, the install.sh, on a freshly installed system. That makes things super-easy to install.

If you want, you could always try a manual installation. That’s more difficult, but should be possible. Instructions for that are described here:


Hi Andreycheck,

Thanks for reply,

In the manual, there are many things that i already installed like postfix, dovecot, clamav, apache bind. and i also use webmin. so should i go with only Virtualmin RPM or just install it via wbm module ?

You could use the RPM, or the WBM module. Those both provide the same thing. The RPM would be my preference though :slight_smile:

Remember that this is the hard way though, so I’d expect some work moving forward :slight_smile:

Virtualmin isn’t going to have any concept of what you’ve setup already, so in addition to setting up all your services in a Virtualmin-compatible method, you’re also going to have to import your existing setup into Virtualmin (which can be done using Add Servers -> Import Virtual Server).


Hi Eric,

Thank you, i have totally different question now of webmin.

How can i create Email account in Webmin ? and for every domain ?

Currently i make a user account by going System > Users and Groups. but its make a simple account like “test” without any domain tld.

Is there a way to handle accounts and map them to individual domain tld so they should end with test@domain1.com and test2@domain.com ?

Please advise.

Well, that’s what Virtualmin does for you behind the scenes… whenever you create a user in Virtualmin, it handles adding it to Postfix so that it’s an email account.

If you want to do that through Webmin, you would need to manually setup the usernames and domains within Postfix.

Virtualmin does that using Postfix’s virtual alias maps feature… there’s some details here on setting up account on Postfix:


Essentially, Virtualmin adds a line “virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual” to your Postfix main.cf file, and then adds the email entries to that “virtual” file.