Webmail on Hostname

How can I run webmail from the hostname of the server. I am migrating from cPanel, so the webmail URL was server.name.com/webmail. How can I either A) redirect server.name.com/webmail to the actual Webmail URl or B) run an instance of Roundcube off the hostname server.name.com?

Could you explain some more what you are trying to accomplish? I don’t think I fully understand what you are asking.

Sure. So the hostname of my server is “http://web01.randomdomain.com”. That’s the URL I use to access Virtualmin, Webmin and Usermin. I used to have a Virtual Server using that name as the domain. But the mail server was reporting issues with having a virtual server and hostname called the same. So I removed the virtual server with the same name.

My issue is that when I had cPanel, I was able to access webmail via http://web01.randomdomain.com/webmail.

I was accomplishing the same thing on Virtualmin by having a Virtual Server named the same as the hostname and installing Roundcube on it. But since I had to remove the virtual server, I can no longer accomplish this.

Ah, I think I understand now.

However, I am not sure of how to accomplish that. There might be a way but I do not know of one.

You could create a sub server like webmail.randomdomain.com and host roundcube at that address. Also, under the server templates, you can configure Virtualmin to automatically redirect webmail.virtualserverdomain.com to your webmail address on randomdomain.com.