Webmail for all virtual servers

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to all!
How do I do that all the virtual server to access a webmail through a subdomain or uri? That is, make a single installation of roundcube (for example) where all virtualservers could access their email accounts.

With Virtualmin is this possible?
The option to install the script on each of webmail accounts is interesting, but in some cases, to save disk space and other reasons, it would be interesting to have an option such as cPanel webmail. At least I imagine that cPanel works well.


Sure, you can install RoundCube in a Virtual Server, and have all users access that central RoundCube instance to check their email.

You can even go into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Apache Website, and set the webmail redirect URL there so that going to webmail.domain.tld will redirect to your domain that has RoundCube.


I very much agree with Eric here, and what he described is exactly how I have it set up for my system. :slight_smile: I have a VS “webmail.tiahost.de” with roundcube and squirrelmail, and the subdomain “webmail.anyofmydomains.tld” forwards to that.

Is it possible to make it accessible to all virtual domains using their own webmail.domain.tld?
I suppose it is, manually. I wonder if there would be a way to have a global install an grant access to all domains without redirect to webmail.somedomain.tld

I’m sorry… Silly question.
I added this to my httpd.conf

ServerAdmin myemail@domain.tld DocumentRoot /home/of/global/roundcube/installation Servername webmail.mymaindomain.tld ServerAlias webmail.*

Works like a charm. Now I’ll work on customized conf files for roundcube :slight_smile:
Hope it helps others…

I am lazy, therefore i did it quite different. I registered a domain like this: server-management.com and added roundcube to that in folder webmail. So any user on that server can access www.server-management.com/webmail and no need to have tons of redirects for each virtual server which can be a pain and everything is nice and easy. And for different servers i use according subdomains:

server1.server-management.com, server2.etc… or similar or if a client has a own server its clientname.server-management.com


How exactly did this look in your httpd.conf?