webmail.domain.com forbidden 403

webmail.domain.com forbidden 403

I did setup a new virtualserver on my virtualmin 4.08.gpl GPL on webmin 1.690 on CentOS 6.5

All seems ok… users setup… i can access the mailserver through my mail client. Send and receive.

But webmail.domain.com gives me a 403.
I checked DNS, it is there
I checked the server template it says it redirects to the Usermin…

when I do https://domain.com:20000 it seems to be working
when I do https://webmail.domain.com it gives me a landing page from another domain/virtual server using https://

What am I missing here?


Are you able to access the website for “domain.com”? Or does that throw the same error as you receive for “webmail.domain.com”?