webhosting domain resolving to wrong url

I have a problem…

i had a domain.com.au on virtual server

i tried to edit the index.html and got an error saying it could not save the changes to the file…i got the shits and deleted the virtual server. I have about 4 other virtual servers on the same virtualmin gpl system.

after deleting the domain, when i type domain.com.au into the web browser, it is displaying the website for another of the virtual servers on this virtualmin gpl system.

why is that happening?

there is something amiss going on for this to happen…how can virtualmin as setup in default configuration cock this up exactly? It should be showing an error not another website on the same server!

It appears to be displaying the website for the first Virtual server in the list of virtual servers on the virtualmin machine.

#ip addr sh” (returns internal ip address as per eth0)

“grep -i ‘<virtualhost’ /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf” (returns correct ip addresses and ports as expected)

Network interface for virtual addresses is set to “eth0”
Default Virtual Server IP address is “from Network interface”
Default IP address for dns records is “Automatically detect external address” (server is behind a NAT i believe…Google Cloud VPS)

My understanding is that this is an apache quirk…

https://serverfault.com/questions/601573/domain-name-is-bringing-up-wrong-site that apache will deliver the first vhost in a list when one deletes a site and doesnt also remove the dns entry? (dns is hosted externally at domain registrar)

How do i setup virtualmin to get around this issue (if it is an the actual issue as found in the forum link i posted above)

Maybe that deleted server was default and once removed some other domain become “new” default domain. Why is still redirecting to the old server? It could be DNS servers didnt clean the cache or updated with new values. This can be even the DNS server of your ISP as they tend to be much slower than Google DNS (which updates almost immediately any of your changes). Anything in the log files?

all ip addresses for the virtual servers are identical (on the same vps).

its just that virtualmin or apache (whichever) is automatically assigning whatever vhost is first in the list of virtual servers on the VPS if the actual domain webhosting account is deleted (ie it just picks another one and uses that even if its the wrong one). if you read the forum thread i posted in my last post (from server fault) it was at that time a known apache quirk.

So my question is, is this still an apache issue? If so, how does virtualmin normally get around the problem? (because i dont want to have deleted virtual server accounts displaying other websites (ie other existing virtual servser websites that are still active) if the domain owner doesnt change their externally hosted dns records…virtualmin should automatically setup the virtual server so that in the event admin deletes a virtual server, its url entry in web browser should show some kind of error instead.

two things to check, the DNS records and the apache setup for that domain

I’ve seen that in the past when the new domain doesnt view (it defaults to the initial domain on the server.)
One thing to try (don’t know if you can do it on GPL - I use Pro)

is to make this domain the default for the IP top see if it is setup correctly.


You should check the DNS records and the apache setup for that domain

I think what i need to do is configure apache so that if a virtual server (ie users domain) is deleted, any registrar dns records resolution that still points at my server, defaults to a specific domain home page that reflects my hosting business.

I guess what i am saying is that perhaps i need to ensure that on virtualmin servers, the very first site setup is my own business one?