Webalizer not working? (tried different servers)

Hello there,

I never used to issues with Webalizer reports.
For the past year I cannot see the reports. I did not pay attention as I also had awstats and I thought that something was wrong with the configuration.
I have recently though have put another server and I have exactly the same result.
When I click View (or Generate and then View) the report… and then click on any month I am getting no response whatsoever. Nothing happens.

If I do a right click on the month and then open in new tab I am getting File not found on the browser.
The URL at that point is (server)/webalizer/usage_201811.html?xnavigation=1

Any ideas?

Mine’s been doing that ever since Authentic Theme switch. First page comes up for webalizer but clicking links does nothing. I changed back to gray framed theme and webalizer graph links work.

Same thing happens for me in the zfs module, but thats a third party beta module so I dont expect it to work.