webalizer causing 99% CPU load

For the first time I am also experiencing high CPU loads every time collectinfo.pl runs on my server (a VPS).

This has started happening only recently, like maybe since the last Webmin upgrade? Now every time this status collecting script runs, my server loads spike and slows everything else running on this server.

I also only recently noticed that webalizer was also running every time collectinfo.pl ran. top reports that webalizer was running at 99% CPU for as long as it was alive, which in my opinion, is probably the real culprit for the extreme server loads. Naturally, I quickly disabled webalizer reporting for each virtual server (I only have 2 on this server) but the webalizer script keeps running every 5 minutes with collectinfo.pl.

Then I disabled it via
System Settings > Virtualmin Configuration > Advanced options
and setting ‘Setup Webalizer Cron job for each virtual server?’ to no.

Even after that, webalizer still keeps running every 5 minutes with 99% CPU (for approx. 27 secs. each time).

I suppose I could uninstall webalizer altogether - but before that I thought I’d post here to see if I missed something.

I just want to know how can I control that webalizer does not run with the collectinfo.pl script?


I’ll ask Jamie about collectinfo and Webalizer.

However, if collectinfo is causing problems, you could always configure it to run less frequently for the time being. It’s only necessary for statistics and such.

You can change that in System Settings -> Virtualmin Config -> Status Collection, and on there you can set “Interval between status collection job runs”.

You could change that so that it only runs once an hour, or perhaps even just once a day.