Web Site Statistics

Hi all,

Please pardon my ignorance in advance. I looked, but did not see any documentation on this issue.

I have some general questions about site statistics and customer access of those stats.

Part of my confusion may be because many/most of the web sites on my Virtualmin Pro server had /stats folders copied from previous servers.

  1. What is the really basic difference between ‘awstats’ and ‘Webalyzer’ and why are both included in Virtualmin?

  2. What is the ‘normal’ way for clients to view their stats? I see they can be seen in the admin web console, but many customers are accustomed to https://domain.tld/stats and that doesn’t seem to work. The admin is prompted for a password, but it doesn’t accept the site admin’s password.

  3. Is there a straight-forward way to include/migrate old stats data from a previous hoster with the ‘Virtualmin way’?

  4. Should I delete the old /stats folder or just not bring it in in the first place?

We use the latest Virtualmin Pro on Centos 5.

Thanks in advance,