Web site hosted after being removed

I didn’t really understand anything you just said beyond you know that danielabsi.com is using c2v2.ca’s certificate…

if you go to danielabsi.com you will see a complete website with images JS and CSS files. But the truth is none of that exists.
based on the image below this, is what it’s currently supposed to be visible.

I only have one file (index.html) and it’s the default page of Virtualmin

I see this :

I have no laptop with me, perhaps is that your site? if not reset DNS or remove them completely from cloudflare and then wait like 15 minutes and revisit that domain. if the same page there it could be some sort of holding page somewhere perhaps cloud flare one? I cannot have look at the moment as I’m on holidays and left everything in home except mobile phone eh

oh I see…well cloudflare works pretty fast. if you have nothing on that domain, just delete it and then recreate it - if you manage DNS via virtualmin but since you use cloud flare I guess you manage DNS via cloudflare… so wait couple of hours…if it will not go away I guess you might need to speak with cloud flare support

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