web page redirecting

Have got 2 web sites created within virtualmin and hosting from my server.

One I am awaiting transfer of domain, so not too worried about.

But the new one I have registered doesnt display when you enter www.letmemindyourchild.co.uk in the address bar of web browser. In fact it redirects to my hosting companies web site. Very strange, is there some setting I have missed somewhere, or something I need to delete/alter.

My wife is panicking a bit, not that she has a lot to put on it yet, but you know what there like!

Any ideas folks
Kev King


It looks like letmemindyourchild.co.uk is setup to use these 3 DNS servers:


It also looks like the IP address your domain is setup for is

Does all the above look right?

If not, you might need to make sure your IP address is pointing to your own box.

Um thats strange thats not the IP address of my server that is hosting that web site. Will investigate further.

Thank you andreychek.