Warning - Your system is actually running CentOS Linux version 5.3.

I had roundcube running and had my site compromised, so i had to upgrade everything. Now i’m getting this errormessage in virtualmin. What can i do about it?

Hmm… where does that message show up in Virtualmin?

And, what distro/version is it that you’re using?

In a big yellow banner the moment i start virtualmin.
It probably wants to upgrade CentOs to 5.2.

It’s just telling you that Webmin noticed you upgraded to 5.3. No big deal. Just tell Webmin it’s OK to update the detected OS.

If, on the other hand, it listed something bizarre (like a completely different OS), it would be cause for alarm. It could also show up if the OS was incorrectly detected during installation, but you’d probably notice that because nothing would work right.