Warning - The system is configured to not process

Warning - The system is configured to not process user-defined mail filters. Any filters defined below are unlikely to work.

I get this message when attempting to delete spam in usermin.

Whats the problem here?


In the menu of left "Email Messages -> Spam and Virus Scanning"

It’s in there.

It was set to no. I changed it to yes but still can’t learn tokens. Also filters to directories still dose not work.

So that switch did not seem to change much.

Any idea how long it take to take effect?
Is there a global server wide switch or is it just per Domain?


That is the global setting. If it isn’t working then you either don’t have Spamassassin running or it’s not installed. But the Filter and Forward Mail link in usermin for the users should be there.

As for tokens that is a term used by spamssassin so I’m confused. Are you realy referring to filtering or spam checking ?

Filtering is NOT the same as spam token filtering.

Another round of getting usermin setup.

I found a switch in dovecot that changes the mail dirctorys

The default is folders are created under maildir

the is a switch for inbox in home/Maildir/folder_name
the folders under /home/mail/folder_name

The old usermin created the latter.

Changing these setting made no change.

Also Some accounts I can log in to other I get the fallowing message mostly for inbox.imap

Failed to open /home/beemaster/homes/shanta/.spamassassin/user_prefs for writing : Bad file descriptor

any suggestions

spamassassin is working in webmin.

usermin will not allow tokens to be created At least it report error at the end of the action. Mail gets deleted but not sure if a token is truly added.

True in my case I am refusing to mail filtering to a subdirectory for sorting mail. The problems are likely the same root though in usermins configuration.
I can split the topic if it would help.

ongoing investigation shows that I can symlink the folder under mail to maildir and webmin sees the created directories. Filters however are not working.

the accounts that I have tested in webmin I can’t get into in usermin.

I will test with an account this is working in usermin.