Want HTML mail content ONLY without TEXT-format attached


I’m using Virtualmin v3.69GPL, webmin v1.47 & usermin v1.40. I have seen that there is a changes about usermin at version v1.380 (25 Jan 2009) that “Sent email in HTML format now has a text-format version attached automatically as well”. If I just want the HTML layout ONLY on mail content when recipient view the mail. How can I solve it?


Well, what typically happens in this realm is that sending both an HTML and a text section in an email means that it doesn’t matter who is receiving it, or what their mail clients can handle.

If they have an email client that supports HTML, it would use the HTML section of the email when displaying it – and text-mode email clients would use the text portion.

Is there something about that which you’re trying to avoid? Or is something about that perhaps not working correctly?

The recipient will see double content on email. The upper part is text-formatted and lower part is html graphical. If the recipient reply (or forward) to me (or anyone). It’s weird that so many duplicate content. If I reply again that replied message. the message content will be geometry expand.

Hrm… they shouldn’t! The email client should choose one or the other, but not both.

Do you think you could send me a test HTML-formated email from Usermin, so I can double-check that it’s acting properly? Perhaps something isn’t working as expected.

You can send it to eric@virtualmin.com. If you can, include a link to this forum thread somewhere in the message body. Thanks!

Thanks for your reply!!

I have sent you a sample email and hope that you get my meaning.

Anyway, really thank you for your support!!


I haven’t seen that come through yet – can you try resending it (to eric@virtualmin.com)? Also, what email subject are you using?


The subject of mail is “Want to be mail content just html w/o text-formatted”