VPS IP change over - any gotya's to be aware of

My VPS provider has given notice of the current IP being dropped at the end of March. In the meantime I have been provided with a new IP address so currently have a venet0:0 (old IP) and venet0:1 (new IP).

I have updated all DNS records for the virtual servers to the new 0:1 IP address as well as changed all the virutal servers to the new IP via the virtualmin “IP address change option” and all the webpages are working fine. So far so good.

I’m aware that there settings such as Default shared IPv4 address and possible other settings which are set to the old IP address.

As the old IP will disappear at the end of March is there anything else I need to update to avoid down time or disasters.

Any help would be great.

Many thanks

From a Virtualmin point of view, the things you mentioned should really be all there is. If you successfully used the “Change IP address” function, pointed your registrar glue records to the new IP, entered the new IP as the default shared one, and all works okay, you should be fine.

Two things you can do to test the rest of your system:

  1. Do a “grep -r” for the old IP address in /etc/* to find any config files that still have the old IP.
  2. Remove the old IP from the configuration temporarily, and see if it all works okay. :slight_smile: If not, you can put it back and fix things before the IP is actually gone.

Thanks for your confirmation that I have already done what is needed. I changed the /etc/hosts file to the new IP, did a reboot and it all came up fine with the new ip on the default venet 0:0.

All good with minimum fuss.

Thanks for the help and also for the great product that Virtualmin is. It makes my life a lot easier.