VPS and Virtualmin

Hey everyone so before i go ahead with my plans i just want to get a few things clear in my head.

So i have a decent VPS and im looking to go with the Virtualmin free version for now. I have a Domain Which is Registered but not yet pointing at my server.

I just wanted to know is there an order for doing things, ie should i point the Domain name at the nameservers on the VPS first before i install Virtualmin??



The main download page has installation instructions https://www.virtualmin.com/download.html, but the general process has a couple of steps to get prepared.

First, you have to think about the server itself.

Choose a name for the server. Generally, it should be a name that you aren’t going to host content on, so www.yourname.com is a bad choice. Something like server1.yourname.com is a better choice. Personally, I have a separate domain that I use for my server names that doesn’t get used for hosting content. That saves complications with webserver setup that can happen if you make a bad choice at this step. If you intend to start a web serving empire, I’d recommend this. Domains are cheap. :slight_smile:

Someone will be hosting your DNS, at least until you get everything set up and are ready to host your own. In most cases, your domain registrar can do this. Wherever it is, set up forward (A) and reverse (PTR) DNS records for whatever name you chose above (talk to your VPS host for the PTR record). That means you should have a record that maps the name of your server to its IP address, and another that maps the IP address to the name.

Install your Grade A supported OS (listed on the download page). Generally, you want to choose a minimal install of the operating_system. That is, don’t choose all the web and mail server options etc. The Virtualmin installer takes care of that stuff later, and by letting Virtualmin take care of it there is less chance of stale config files causing problems later. Do any post install steps like updating packages, creating administrative users, set up ssh, etc etc.

Now you can download and run the Virtualmin installer.

Good luck and have fun. :slight_smile:

Ty for the reply there noisemarine… So this is where i am up to:

Ive installed Virtualmin on the VPS which is a Debian 9 i have all neccasry detail regarding my server. This is the bit im a bit puzzled with - the Domain bit.

in brief this is the end game is: Host my main Website on the same VPS as the Virtualmin is installed, now according to whois information my domain is pointing at the correct nameservers / ip address. Ive watched numerous tutorials on youtube including the ones on Virtualmins channel. If you go to my domain name in browser all-pc.net it already has a page with some crap about pc gamin etc. So when i install a script such as wordpress to test a landing page the script seems to install, i get the installation link. but when paste into browser and go - STOOPID lame page again???

Stchumped found a link regarding network on these forums seems to be correct so i got my ns1 and ns2 what seems to be sorted.

Any help would be appreciated

this is what ive been follwoing aswell as searching all over the net.


I seem to have sorted the Problem by Just uninstalling and reinstalling Virtualmin o_0

From my end of things, your dns for all-pc.net is not currently resolving.
The simplest way to fix this is to just add your server external ipaddress into your registrar “A Records”. (That is all you need to do)

For example… if your domain was called joescomputers.net and your webserver/vps external ipaddress was 12.345.67.89, you would log into your registrars dns zone area and add an A record

joescomputers.com(domain) A (recordtype) 12.345.67.89 (ip adress)

****note at some registrars, if adding an a record for the paremt domain (joescomputers.net) you leave the domain part blank…just add record type (A) and the Ip address (12.345.67.89)

That is all you have to do. You do not need to play around with Bind in virtualmin…just install it and leave Bind settings alone.

You also do not need to configure your virtualmin system as a nameserver…you only do this if you have your own namservers (ie 2 more vps servers with their own static ip addresses dedicated to this purpose), so ignore that part.

Your virtualmin server will not care if you dont use Bind so long as you simply point your domain directly at your virtualmin server by adding an A record with your server external ip address at your registrar.

What you can do is use the Virtualmin>server configuration>suggested dns records…copy those into your registrar zone files and everything dns should just work (ie website, ftp, mail)

After running the original install script for virtualmin and then added the virtualmin suggested dns records at your registrar…everything should pretty much just work out of the box.

You could also use the default hostname provided by whoever setup your vps. It almost cetainly already has a generic hostname when its operating system was installed.

Awsome thanks for the more detailed answer - to be honest i think it was just the DNS records being updated i was told about an hour but it must of took longer. But Thanks again Adamjedgar for the response im sure others can now get the Jist of things if they are just starting out!