Vpopmail - Domain email folder created in the wrong directory


I have been running CentOS 5.6 + Vpopmail + Virtualmin GPL version for 3 years. Updating Virtualmin as it was being updated.

I had configured Base directory for VPOPMail as /home/vpopmail with vpopmail group and vchkpw user.

Recently i added a new domain and realized that the mail folder is not created in /home/vpopmail and instead it was created in /home/www/abc.com/mail/domains/ . This should be the folder for my web wide web folder.

Did i break anything while updating Virtualmin? I encounter this issue with version 3.88 and now i am on 3.89. I updated, thinking it would fix my issue.

Please help.

Thanks and a good year ahead

Do you mean that mail is being delivered to a directory under /home/www , or that additional mail folders are being created under that directory?

Emails are delivered to /home/www/abc.com/mail/domains/user/Maildir