vpn and mysql replication


I’ll be doing something new today (time is relative).
I have a dedicated production server running on webmin (soon to be replaced by a producktionserver running virtualmin). I’m installing a dedicated server on a second location with virtualmin.
Both systems are running CentOS 6.3 by the way.

make these 2 servers happy friends who love to exchange data.

Lets say Pegasus is the production server and hercules is the new server.

I want to set up a VPN that connects both servers. I need automated backups to go through the VPN to go from pegasus to hercules. Next to this I would love Pegasus to duplicate all MYSQL data to hercules. If not in real time, then perhaps in a bit less then real time. Whatever is possible and doesn’t overload the servers too much.
I also need access to virtualmin.

Other then that, all ports need to be closed.


  • what vpn technology?
  • which software? (FreeS/WAN? where can I find it?)
  • how do I do the mysql duplication?

Thanks a bunch!

I noticed FreeS/WAN changed to Openswan. I installed openswan flawlessly, though the IPSEC module of webmin still asks (and refers) to freeswan. How can this be solved?


You’re right that the Webmin module refers to the old Free/Swan name.

And looking into it, it appears that Free/Swan stopped development in 2004, and has forked into OpenSwan and SecureSwan.

Unfortunately, due to low demand, there don’t appear to be plans to update the Webmin module to make use of OpenSwan or SecureSwan.

You may want to review the third party modules though, as one of those may be written to work with the newer IPSEC modules.

If I were trying to do something like what you’re describing, I’d be reviewing OpenSwan, SecureSwan, as well as SSH’s VPN options. And since SSH is already installed on all systems, I’d probably start by looking at it to see if it met my needs.

Ubuntu has some docs here on how to setup a VPN using SSH:


That’s Great! Thanks. I’ll look into it now.