VMs with private IPs cannot access the VMs with public IPs on the same host? Help!

Hello people,

I have a Cloudmin server with a couple of single public IPs as well as a subnet (public) assigned from the DataCenter.
On top of that I have some VMs with private IPs, using NAT.
The network generally works but when it comes to the private VMs, I can access the internet with no issues (incoming-outgoing) however from inside the private VMs I cannot access the VMs with the public IPs. For example a VM with IP (hypothetical IP) cannot access the VM with IP or the other way round.

Obviously I am missing something here. Can someone please have a look at the host interfaces below and maybe spot the problem? I am trying to solve it several days now but with no success whatsoever!
Much appreciated!

I am attaching the txt with the network settings of the host, as copy paste in here is creating a mess for some reason.


anyone? :frowning:

OK I found what he problem is but I still don’t know how to correct it.
When I connect from a VM with a private IP (i,e to a VM with a public IP, the VM on the public sees the connection as from instead of the main proxmox IP (eth0). The result is that the VM is block the connection as a bogon IP.
How can I make the private VMs to access the public ones PROPERLY (via the eth0 IP)?

Any hints???