vmbleed, ImageMagick, PHP problem

ImageMagick is quite popular as most of you know. But, near as I can tell, no easy way to install it if you are using vmbleed and php 5.2.9. To install ImageMagick, you yum install it, and that is fine. The next step, is to peck install imagick for php, and, this tep requires php-devel for phpize. php-devel is not in vmbleed, and, you can’t install 5.1.6 php-devel with php 5.2.9

JOE - could you possibly add php-devel to vmbleed?

Hmm, as I look at the vmbleed repo for CentOS 5.4, I see the php-devel package sitting there.

What distro/version are you using?


Hmm, you are right after I did a little maintenance to yum. Sorry.