VM2 Status

Hello All,

I just wanted to know when will VM2 be released? Does anyone have an update on this? We offer virtual servers for a few clients and we are eager to know when VM2 would be available to allow vps management.


So, does anyone have an update on this?

Joe just popped a note on that here:


Sounds like it’s in a private beta now, with a hope of being released within a few weeks.

It also looks like there’s a couple of different versions, depending on what your needs are.

Coming soon.

If you’ve got more than a few Virtualmin Professional systems, ping me via email, and we’ll get you into the beta. (And, if you’ve done that in the past, and I failed to respond, I apologize. Ping me again. My mailbox is a mess.)

NICEEE!!!..We only have 1 licensed system so we’ll have to wait just like everyone else but looking forward to it.

Thanks for the reply guys

I was wondering if Virtualmin’s VM2 will be a licensed software ? Will it be similar to Virtualmin, one part opensource and one other licensed ?

VM2 seems really promising, it makes me think of Proxmox VE (http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Main_Page). But it much better if it integrates with webmin/virtualmin. I also prefer much more Linux/Vserver to OpenVZ, as it’s lighter and simple to configure.