VM T-Shirts

Just got my VM t-shirts in. Very nice.

Hey Scott,

That was quick! I just sent batches out on Monday and Tuesday.

Thanks for the update.

There’s another domestic batch going out tomorrow, and for you folks overseas the “needs customs forms” batch is going out tomorrow or Monday.

If anybody hasn’t filled out the T-shirt form, there’s still time to get yourself a very fine 100% cotton, Hanes Beefy T with the Virtualmin logo right on the front! I’ve got at least 50 more shirts available in, I believe, all sizes M through XXL. Here’s the form: http://virtualmin.wufoo.com/forms/live-wild-schwag/

(If you’ve filled out the form and haven’t gotten your shirt yet, don’t panic. There’s at least one more domestic batch to go, and none going to overseas addresses have gone out yet.)

I got 2 shirts – I don’t remember seeing if that was a order option or a bonus.

Cool stuff…

BTW – trying to edit my posts here now throw a "Hacking attempt!" error…

I got 2 shirts

Sshhh! Don’t say that so loud. Only the old-timers got two shirts. You’ll make the one-shirters feel like that got shorted.

BTW -- trying to edit my posts here now throw a "Hacking attempt!" error..

I know it. I’m not sure how to fix it yet. It’ll be fixed soon, though.

am i too late to the party? i would enjoy wearing a virtualmin tee-shirt !

Yep, we’ve been out of Virtualmin shirts for a while now! But, we do get Webmin T-shirts whenever we do a trade show…not sure what the next one will be, though. I’ll post about it in the forums and we’ll send out a few via mail (won’t be able to do a big batch like we did way back in the beginning, as it’s very time consuming–and expensive, since we get really nice shirts–and we have so many users now).

since i am a favorite virtualmin kinda guy now (and i donated money to the webmin cause) do i get a personally autographed tee-shirt?